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Lost Property

Smarte Carte provides online search services, where found objects are regularly posted.

Search for lost property via the search services listed in the menu on the right. The online search service is open 24 hours every day.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Smarte Carte manages lost property found at Stockholm-Arlanda airport and all airlines handled by SAS Ground Handling (SGH). We also manage items found onboard some of the airlines handled by Aviator.

This link shows the cooperation between airlines and ground handling.

Fees and Prices

Baggage Trolley Management

Our experienced logistic teams collect idle carts swiftly to make them available to passengers, for efficient cart utilization. Continuous monitoring and quality control assures a responsive, high quality service system that the airport can be proud of. Smarte Carte manages baggage handling at Arlanda Airport since 2004. At Arlanda we handle 3500 landside carts and 500 airside carts. We operate 24H 365 days a year, with a total of approximately 70 employees. Our trolleys are ergonomically designed for your safety and are manufactured to be eco-friendly with high quality precision parts that minimise the need for changing parts through maintenance. When it comes to carrying your baggage through to the terminal, Smarte Carte are pleased to be able to provide a professional and efficient service to meet your needs.

MailandFly – The Postal Service

Don’t throw it away, send it by mail!

With MailandFly Smarte Carte offers a special service to passengers who are forced to dispose of prohibited items at security control due to security regulations.

MailandFly is a mail service located directly at security control. You now have the choice whether to throw a prohibited item into the waste bin or into the MailandFly collecting container. When choosing the MailandFly service you receive an individual code that works as a tracking number.

VIA internet you can now register to retrieve your item. MailandFly is a very efficient solution to recover your belongings as passengers can swiftly take all necessary action online. You decide on destination address, shipping/collection option and payment method after you flight.

A service that relieves all involved parties from stress and makes air travel more safe and enjoyable.

Fees and Prices

Porter Service

Porter Service – Relax and enjoy your travel. Let us carry your baggage day and night, all year round.

Our customers range from individual passengers to large groups and companies. Do you need porter help at the airport? Our goal is to deliver the best possible service to ensure a pleasant experience at the airport. Our friendly and experienced staff will help you with:

  • Assistance from the baggage belt.
  • Transporting your items to the check-in desks.
  • Transporting your baggage to departing taxis, buses, etc.

Price and size

Baggage Storage

This over-the-counter service offers your customers the opportunity to be flexible with their luggage. Our left luggage service is more than just left luggage, it is a convenient and secure service provided by our friendly and efficient staff.

Short or long-term storage

We can store items for an hour or up to three months. This may include items ranging from documents, clothes, luggage and other items. We even take bulky items, such as pushchairs, bicycles or skis. Fees and Prices

Baggage Wrapping

Give your baggage extra protection with wrapping!

Smarte Carte offers a stretch wrapping service that protects your baggage on its whole journey. Our Service Associates wrap your items such as regular sized suitcases and bags for our standard fee. For ease of transport, a hole is made for at least one handle and for the wheels.

Some advantages of our Wrapping Service:

  • The wrap constitutes a barrier that reduces exposure and reduce risks.
  • The risk of theft during the journey is reduced.
  • Protection against damage during handling and transit.
  • The risk of your luggage being used for smuggling is reduced

Price and size

Storage Lockers

We offer storage space in modern and secure storage cabinets.
The cabinets are located in Terminal 5, Terminal 4, Terminal 2, and near the restrooms in Sky City. You can pay using credit card and app.

The maximum rental period for a storage locker is 30 days. Fees and Prices


Store your winter clothes when you travel to warmer climates.
Perhaps you have an important meeting at Stockholm-Arlanda and you don’t want to bring your coat?
Leave it with us and we’ll take care of it for you.

The wardrobe service cost only 50 SEK per day.
Storage of your hat, gloves, scarves and shoes is included. Fees and Prices

How It Works

*Please note that it may take one to two days before found items are registered in the database. We keep all items we receive for three months.

1 Search Online

Search Online

All items we receive will be registered in our database. Search online to see if something you’ve lost has been found.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport – Click here

2 Search the database for lost items

Apply to collect your item

If you find something that you think is yours in our database, register your details by filling out the contact form.

3 Apply online to get your items back

Fill in where to send

If that’s your item, we’ll give you a code. Enter, fill in your code and pay for the service and fill in where you want us to send it.

4 Pay the fee and we will send it to you

How much does it cost?

We charge a service charge ranging from 80 SEK to 320 SEK. For shipping and packaging, a fee will be charged depending on where to ship.

Did you know?

Smarte Carte operates baggage trolleys at major international airports in Scandinavia and Europe including; Stockholm Arlanda and Bristol. Bagport is at your service 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Have you deposited an item in MailandFly

Porter Service Booking Form

Enquire Porter Service at:
Date for Porter Service:
Flight Dpt. time / Arrival time:
Flight Dpt. time / Arrival time:
Flight number and destination:
Estimated number of bags:

Did you know?

We handle everything from single travellers to groups and sports teams. Contact us if you wish to signs up as an invoiced customer.

Did you Know?

We offer an attended left luggage service for special or bulky items, e.g. child car seats, documents, firearms etc.

We also provide an intermediary service for items such as keys, documents and passports.

Did you know ?

Our wrapping service is for suitcases, portfolios and rectangular hard items.
All items to be checked in must have a handle.
Unfortunately we are unable to wrap strollers, golf-bags and fragile items.

Our expertly trained and professional staff will help provide added security and protection on your journey.

Did you know?

That you can store items in our lockers for up to 30 days.

That our lockers come in different sizes to accommodate your needs.

That our lockers accept payment via app.

Did you know?

We care for your winter coat, hat, gloves and shoes.

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