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Bagport becomes Smarte Carte

We have successfully been operating and offering our services under our Bagport brand since 2004. Since 2016, Bagport Sweden has been a part of the Smarte Carte group – a leading global supplier of luggage carts, electronic lockers, airport services and massage chairs. Now, the time has come to take the final step of becoming a Smarte Carte entity, by changing our name and identity:

Bagport Sweden AB becomes Smarte Carte Sweden AB

The purpose of the rebranding is to further emphasize our identity as part of the Smarte Carte group; established as a local presence but with a global reach. We aim, however, to keep our core values of Quality, Integrity and Trustworthiness. In the coming weeks, we will change our web pages, our e-mail addresses and our signage. Our new primary logo looks as above.

What others say about us

Bagport Lost Property contacted me on 6 January an hour before I even contacted them. They are an exceptional service! Within 24 hours they located and shipped my property back to me
Thanks very much again, I tweeted about your exceptional service!!!

A Grateful Passenger

I would like to express my gratitude for the swift and successful return of my passport in December. I had misplaced the item in Terminal 5 during a stopover between New York and Newcastle. Five days prior to Christmas and ten days before I required it to return to Australia, I was naturally concerned about what would happen.
After reporting the item lost, I felt extremely reassured by the regular email notifications and proactive service. Once found, I spoke with a very helpful lady about delivery and pick-up options, and delighted to receive my passport on Christmas Eve.
I would be very grateful if you could thank those personally involved and congratulate all staff on delivering an exceptional service.
Yours faithfully,

A Grateful Passenger

We have now found this item - we collected it from Arlanda’s lost luggage department yesterday evening. Many thanks Arlanda for a speedy service and great recovery. Very impressive!
Yours, relieved.


Dear ”C”,
As I was flying out, I checked at the desk - and it (ipad) had been handed in, and has now been returned to me. It was a fantastic and I'd like to thank the team involved!


I did receive my jacket today
I want to say Thank You and all your team for everything you did for me.
Loosing an object witch is important for you is a very sad event.
Having it back is absolutely fabulous
Thanks again !
Keep doing things like that

Dr Costa

To the lost & found supervisor:
I’d like to put in a good word for one of your employees. “D” helped me with an errand on Monday Feb 27th (reg a leather belt I lost at the Arlanda security screening the day before) and I was glad to be met not only by professionalism but also with understanding and reassurance. The belt itself has low monetary (but a high sentimental) value, and “D” made sure that the item is found. It is still not collected (but I received the code and pickup location on Arlanda) but I am glad that you have such kind, professional, friendly and understanding employees who care about their job. Exemplary customer service. Thank you.


Dear Sir/Madam,
I would thank you for your help.
I received last week my lost iPad.
Very efficient service!

Best Regards,


Thank you all so much for the return of my luggage. You are awesome!


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